My Personal VMWorld 2018 Review

VMWorld entrance

Beyond the interesting General Sessions and the very nice different keynotes I want to highlight some announcements, Breakout Sessions and Hands-On Labs that I really enjoyed. It was actually my first VMWorld so I didn’t manage to get a lot of Breakout Session but also checked the Solutions Exchange with all the different vendors and providers of very useful solutions like NetApp, RedHat, IBM and Veeam, just to name a few.
VMWare announced that they have acquired Kubernetes startup Heptio, which was founded by the co-founders of Kubernetes Craig McLuckie and Joe Beda. With this acquisition VMWare will get more weight in the development of the upstream Kubernetes and will establish their role as a leader in the cloud native market.
And… ESXi runs on a Raspberry Pi! Read more from William Lam here.


Furthermore I want to mention a few Breakout Sessions which were awesome:


vSphere Clustering Deep Dive, Part 1 + 2

My expectations were absolutely met. The presenters Duncan Epping, Frank Denneman, Niels Hagoort and Sahan Gamage did a great job in showing the essential technical stuff. I am really excited to read the book I got. More information about the book is here.


Extreme Performance Series: Performance Best Practices

This was really a Deep Dive and blowed my mind. I can really recommend the Best Practices paper to anyone that could not attend this session. You will get the paper here.


Best Practices for Virtual Networking (GSS Best Practices)

This one was really useful and informative for people installing and maintaining vSphere environments with or without NSX. David Garcia showed some very useful troubleshooting tools like tcpdump-uw and pktcap-uw.
Some Knowledge Base articles if you want to start using them:



I have tested most of the Getting Started and a few Kubernetes, Pivotal and NSX-T Labs and really had fun. Thanks to all preparing and writing these labs. Hope to see most of them in official Hands-On Labs.
Here are a few very good labs:
HOL-1926-02-NET – Integrating Kubernetes with VMware NSX-T Data Center
HOL-1931-01-CNA – VMware Pivotal Container Service and Kubernetes – Getting Started


Thank you VMWare for a interesting and awesome VMWorld 2018!
Tell me want you think about this years VMWorld I would love to hear from you.

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