VLDB not consistent after a forced MetroCluster switchover…

After a forced MCC switchover and a successful switchback I had the following error on a customer MCC in the event log:
6/21/2017 09:56:49 cluster01-01 ERROR vldb.aggrBladeID.missing: The volume ‘cluster02_svm1_root’ is located on the aggregate with UUID ‘3b61c6fd-b6d7-4d5f-9168-81b12632581c’ whose owning dblade UUID ‘cce2f293-3bd4-11e7-85ef-a1f0d21750d7’ does not exist in the Volume Location Database.

This is an open internal bug from NetApp and can rarely happen if the VLDB has been updated without the knowledge of the other cluster:

It can be solved by executing the following command on the cluster which hosts the affected SVM:

cluster02# metrocluster resync vserver -cluster cluster02 -vserver cluster02_svm1

Check the status with:

cluster02# metrocluster vserver show


cluster01# set diag; debug vreport show; set admin

Does anyone had the same problem recently? Thanks for commenting that.


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